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 Ohnagaplease 70 warrior

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PostSubject: Ohnagaplease 70 warrior   Ohnagaplease 70 warrior Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2007 8:01 pm

IRL Name: Thomas
Age: 17

Whats your play time?
Time weekdays: Whenever, i have no life.
Time weekends: See above.

Character name: Ohnagaplease
Race: Nelf
Class: Warrior
Level: 70
Talent build: 35/23/3, since you're looking for a DPS warrior according to forums, i would probably respec to a fury dps build.
Are you willing to respec if needed Y/N: Yes

Profession 1: Blacksmithing 360
Profession 2: Mining 375
1st Aid: 375

Are you attuned with Karazan? Yes

Which instances do you have experience with previously?

I have experience in everything pre TBC
in TBC i have experience only up to Curator
(I will say that this experience was not playing my warrior, it was playing my druid)

Fire Resistance: No clue, not really enough to matter, however i can get that together without much of a worry.
Nature Resistance: Same as above.

Do you have ventrilo: Yes
Do you have a mic and feel comfortable speaking on vent? I do, I generally don't speak during a raid though.

Previous guilds:
Amagawd(again on my druid)

Guild Name: Concordium
Why did you decide to leave?
I play wow to raid, as im sure you've read on many posts Concordium isn't doing that.

Do you know any members in Shivers? Kalatankki
Why would you like to join us?
Everyone i have spoken to so far has been really nice in Shivers,

Are you willing to wipe for a whole evening without crying like a baby?
Im not going to say i enjoy wiping that seems to be the general attitude on these applications, i don't. However wiping is the neccesary evil of progresion.
Are you willing to buy/farm the reagents/items necessary to make progress in end game instances?
Yes, im used to doing this with my preTBC guild

Other useful information:
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Ohnagaplease 70 warrior
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