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 Anularak level 70 shadow priest LF place in Shivers

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PostSubject: Anularak level 70 shadow priest LF place in Shivers   Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:20 pm

IRL Name: Conor
Age: 15

Whats your play time? 31days (every day, unless sumins on)
Time weekdays: 5-11pm
Time weekends: 10am-12pm

Character name: Anularak
Race: Draenei
Class: Priest
Level: 70
Talent build: 18/0/43
Are you willing to respec if needed Y/N: no

Profession 1: Tailoring 375
Profession 2: l/w (inactive)
1st Aid: 0
Fishing: 0
Cooking: 0

Are you attuned with Karazan? Yes

Which instances do you have experience with previously? All 5-mans and heroics, start of kara, (not very far)

Fire Resistance: 0
Nature Resistance: 0

Do you have ventrilo: yes
Do you have a mic and feel comfortable speaking on vent? no, but as soon as i get money ill get one

Previous guilds: MANX SF, tainted vendetta

Guild Name: Tainted Vendetta
Why did you decide to leave? cus we screwed up, and every1 left and disorganised ect... the good ones have applied here Smile

Do you know any members in Shivers? no hardly any Sad
Why would you like to join us? because this seemed liek the best guild fo endgame raiding, which is what i would like to be involved in

Are you willing to wipe for a whole evening without crying like a baby? i will wipe for atleast a month before crying like a baby
Are you willing to buy/farm the reagents/items necessary to make progress in end game instances? yes, i have done with my tailoring where i had to farm endless primal waters

Other useful information: 7 epics (including 3 piece tailor set and kara rep ring)
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PostSubject: Re: Anularak level 70 shadow priest LF place in Shivers   Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:47 pm

i am sorry to say but we have more then enought sp just so you know
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Anularak level 70 shadow priest LF place in Shivers
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