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 Gloom - Rogue

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PostSubject: Gloom - Rogue   Gloom - Rogue Icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2007 1:01 am

IRL Name: Tom
Age: 16
Country: England

Whats your play time?
Time weekdays: 16.00+ (Sever time) Can play till whenever raid finishes
Time weekends: All day

Character name: Gloom
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Level: 70
Talent build: 30/0/31
Are you willing to respec if needed Y/N: Y, will respec combat if I get accepted

Profession 1: Mining
Profession 2: Engineering
1st Aid: 375
Fishing: 75
Cooking: 0

Are you attuned with Karazhan? Yes

Which instances do you have experience with previously? Pre-TBC: ZG, MC, AQ20, BWL (not cleared) TBC: Just the average TBC instances

Do you have ventrilo: Yeh
Do you have a mic and feel comfortable speaking on vent? Yeh

Previous guilds:

Guild Name: The Crimson
Why did you decide to leave? Nice bunch of guys, but we had different thoughts on end game content.

Do you know any members in Shivers? Kshar
Why would you like to join us? Looking for a nice guild to progress through end game dungeons with and have laughs along the way, whenever I have grouped with Shiver's members there always very nice and skilled. I really enjoy playing as a team which is why i also wish to join an end game guild.

Are you willing to wipe for a whole evening without crying like a baby? Yeh
Are you willing to buy/farm the reagents/items necessary to make progress in end game instances? Ofc

Other useful information: I would say I know my class very well, had a lvl 60 Rogue on a PvE sever and raided with my guild all the way through ZG - BWL (Not cleared) but when TBC came out I decided to reroll PvP sever. My gear isnít very good, full blues with a few PvP epics, been trying to improve my gear as much as I can.
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Gloom - Rogue
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