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 Important. Read this!

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Important. Read this! Empty
PostSubject: Important. Read this!   Important. Read this! Icon_minitimeWed Jan 24, 2007 5:01 am

Shivers offers a qualitative guild environment. Our core members host a impressive experince collected from both high end instances and rank 14 adventures. And on top of that we are a friendly, social bunch that love to have fun and make the most of this game. If you would like to be part of that you do apply as follows:

1.) You register on the forums with your ingame name.
2.) Write an application.
3.) Send a private message to one of our Guild Leaders: Howayiant or Lhynx.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. To get a proper application, use our template: http://shivers.forumotion.com/Public-Forum-c1/Recruitment-f2/Application-template-t6.htm

Do not bother applying if the following does NOT apply to you:

You are Alliance.

You are atuned to Karazan

You are lvl 70 and sufficiently geared to delve right into TBC to fight the latest monsters Blizzard has unleashed on Azeroth.

You are able to maintain a high attendence record now and in the near future.

You are dedicated, motivated and skilled enough to tackle new encounters. You feel you would actually strengthen our guild instead of just being part of it. Willingness to wipe, learn and improve are default prerequisites for becoming part of Shivers. You prepare for raids by bringing the necessary consumables your class requires. You know how to play your class and how that it can perform optimally in PvE.

On top of all that you are in fact a nice guy/girl with a sense of humor, who can handle constructive critisism...

Recruitment is not necessarily open for your class nor is it necessarily closed. As a general rule of thumb: if you got what it takes and we feel you would strenghten our raid, there's room for you.
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Important. Read this!
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